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Website Update

BERKELEY, California―August 19, 2014

Over the past few weeks our team has worked very hard to significantly improve our website. Today we are thrilled to announce these exciting changes.

One of the major changes is a brand new Join Us section. In addition to a complete visual redesign, we added a number of new pages to provide applicants with a more comprehensive view of what being a Berkeley Forum member is really like. This includes a Why Join? page that goes through the variety of benefits that Forum members enjoy, a Teams and Roles page that explains how our organization is structured and makes it easy for applicants to envision their role as a member, as well as an Application Process page that provides applicants with the necessary resources and information to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Additionally, we added a new Speakers section to our website that includes detailed information about all of the people that have spoken at the Berkeley Forum to better document our events. We will be constantly updating this page as we put on new events.

We also added two new pages to our About Us section: a History page and an Inside Look page. The history page presents a more exhaustive view of our vision for the Berkeley Forum and details a number of our accomplishments. The inside look page will give people a more comprehensive idea of the work that goes in to every single event that we put on.

While these are just the main additions to our website, we made a number of other small improvements throughout. We will continue to make additional updates in the coming weeks so stay tuned.