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Three Years of the Berkeley Forum

December 4, 2015 | By Matthew Freeman, President

Last week, the Berkeley Forum celebrated the third anniversary of its founding. A few friends getting together to discuss important issues has evolved into an integral part of the Berkeley, and broader, community. To mark the occasion, we are publishing statistics on some of our most exciting accomplishments.

I am extremely proud of what our dedicated student members have been able to accomplish in three short years. Between hosting an Emmy Award-winner, two cabinet secretaries, and multiple leading social activists, among a long list of engaging speakers, Forum events have examined a wide variety of fascinating topics.

But we are just getting started. Our events so far have just barely begun to explore the diverse intellectual interests of Berkeley students. So much progress is yet to be made on the Forum's founding mission of providing a platform for free expression and debate on the Berkeley campus. In the coming years, the Forum is focused on continuing to expand in scope and to find new ways of enhancing the educational experience of its audiences.

I hope you will accompany the Forum on this thrilling journey.