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What to Support

Monetary contributions ensure that we can continue to present intellectually stimulating events to the Berkeley campus and society at large. Here are some of the projects that gifts and sponsorships help fund.

Event Logistics

While the Forum receives university grants for most of its events, they do not fully cover the real cost of a Forum event. Moreover, many of the grants the Forum receives are restricted toward particular purchases, such as equipment rentals. The Forum therefore relies on private contributions to put on its intellectually-stimulating events. Gifts made to support Forum event logistics allow for:

• Guest transportation and accommodation
• On-campus venue reservations
• Audiovisual equipment rentals
• Event signage and displays
• Stage furniture and props
• Publicity materials (posters, flyers, and web advertising)
• Speaker gifts and dinners

Event Recording

All Berkeley Forum events are recorded and posted on the Berkeley Forum website and Youtube channel, where the general public may enjoy them. Currently, most of the video and audio equipment we use is rented with the support of grants and private contributions. Equipment rental represents nearly a third of the cost of a typical Forum event. Gifts made to support the purchase of event recording equipment significantly reduce the cost of Forum events and, ultimately, the Forum’s dependency on private contributions to cover event logistic costs. In particular, the Forum is looking to acquire:

• EOS 5D Mark III cameras (3)
• Camera lenses
• Tripods (3)
• External flash units
• Sound board
• Handheld wireless microphones (2)
• Lapel microphones (5)
• Headset microphones (2)

Office Equipment

The Berkeley Forum office is heavily utilized by our staff and serves as a meeting place for the Forum’s committees and divisions. Investing in office equipment and, in particular, computers, office supplies, and video production equipment dramatically improves our ability to get Berkeley Forum event videos online, while increasing office efficiency.

• Office computers (2)
• Video production computer
• High-speed external storage
• Servers
• Office supplies, letterhead, envelopes, postage

If you would like to specify/target your contribution to a specific project, please call 510-900-9502 or email us. All other contributions go to a Berkeley Forum general fund, which is strategically divided between these projects, among others.

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