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An executive committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Berkeley Forum. The president presides over the executive committee and supervises all work and activities of other Forum officers.

The vice presidents oversee the Forum’s three standing committees, which work in concert to secure guests speakers, finalize the session’s speaker line-up, and publicize events. The head moderator determines event content and trains members in leadership skills. The secretary-treasurer manages the Forum’s finances and organizational documents. All executive members and appointed officers comprise a leadership committee.

Executive Committee

Daniel AhrensPresident
Amelia SadlerVice President of Events
Grace O'TooleVice President of Programming
Sergey MannVice President of Communications
Jackson RigleyHead Moderator
Loren JiangSecretary and Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Gloria ChenDirector of Internal Affairs
Evan SheahanDirector of Systems and Technology
Jess LiuMarketing Manager
Ayushi GuptaDevelopment Manager
Courtney BrousseauPublic Relations & Special Projects Manager
Jarry Xiao Data Analytics & Ticketing Manager
Soham KudtarkarTalks Manager, Programming Committee
Katya YamamotoTalks Manager, Programming Committee
Maureen SidesDebates Manager, Programming Commitee
Sachin HoldheimTalks Manager, Events Commitee
Haley KeglovitsTalks Manager, Events Commitee
Kyle ChongDebates Manager, Events Committee
Neil TagareOffice Manager
Ezzy SriramPlatform Architect

President, Daniel Ahrens

Daniel AhrensDaniel Ahrens is the president of the Berkeley Forum, responsible for overseeing the organization’s day-to-day operations and long-term strategy. As chair of the Executive and Leadership Committees, Daniel provides direction to the Forum’s elected and appointed officers and general membership. Daniel’s administration is focused on ensuring the success of the Forum’s ongoing expansion while continuing to improve the quality of its productions.

Daniel joined the Berkeley Forum his freshman year as a member of the programming committee and has previously served as an events manager, as well as the Vice President of Programming. Apart from the Forum, Daniel writes for the Berkeley Political Review and conducts research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Hailing from New Mexico, Daniel is a junior pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science and a B.A. in Computer Science.

Vice President of Events, Amelia Sadler

Amelia SadlerAmelia Sadler is the Berkeley Forum’s vice president of events, reporting to President Daniel Ahrens. Amelia is responsible for the Forum’s guest affairs, event programming, and event logistics functions. She oversees the events managers, who send out invitations to potential speakers and panelists, and presides over the Events Committee. As vice president of events, Amelia hopes to increase the number of events the Forum hosts and to venture into new event formats.

Amelia joined the Berkeley Forum in the spring of her freshman year as a member of the programming committee and served as an events manager in the fall of 2015. Apart from the Forum, Amelia is a member of the university’s Division I NCAA Women’s Rowing team. Hailing from Ann Arbor Michigan, Amelia is a junior pursuing a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Operations Research and Management Science.

Vice President of Programming, Grace O’Toole

Grace O’TooleGrace O’Toole is the Berkeley Forum’s vice president of programming, reporting to President Daniel Ahrens. Grace is responsible for the forward planning of the next semester’s event lineup. She oversees the committee’s talks and debates managers, who send out invitations to potential speakers and panelists, and presides over the Programming Committee. As vice president of programming, Grace hopes to increase the diversity of speakers and event formats in the coming semester.

Now in her sophomore year, Grace is a double major in Economics and Cognitive Science from Newbury Park, California. Grace joined the Berkeley Forum in the fall of her freshman year as a member of the programming committee. In the following spring, she served as an events manager and hosted speakers Jamie Hyneman, co-host of Mythbusters, and Stephen Wolfram, mathematician and creator of Wolfram|Alpha. Outside of the Forum, Grace works as a tour guide for the university and is involved in the ASUC.

Vice President of Communications, Sergey Mann

Sergey MannSergey Mann is the Berkeley Forum’s vice president of communications, reporting to President Daniel Ahrens. Sergey oversees all Berkeley Forum marketing, development, fundraising, data analytics, media, and outreach efforts. He oversees the teams of the marketing manager, the development manager, the public relations and special projects manager, and the data analytics and ticketing manager. As vice president of communications, Sergey hopes to develop the Berkeley Forum brand and to promote the Forum's content to a larger audience.

Sergey joined the Berkeley Forum in the Fall of 2013 as a member of the communications committee and has since served as Marketing Manager, Press Chief, and Head of Special Projects. Outside of the Forum, Sergey loves to travel and works to make authentic world travel experiences more accessible at the start-up Stride Travel. From Moscow, Russia, Sergey is a senior pursuing a B.A. in Economics.

Head Moderator, Jackson Rigley

Jackson RigleyJackson Rigley is the Berkeley Forum's head moderator for the Fall 2016 session. Jackson is responsible for researching guest speakers and event questions, training the Forum's excellent team of student moderators, and producing the format of Forum events.

Jackson joined the Forum in September 2014 as a member of the Communications Committee. As a member of Communications Jackson wrote grants and gained sponsorships to help fund the Forum’s operations. Jackson has moderated conversations with distinguished guests such as, the president of the ACLU Susan Herman, Mythbuster’s co-host Jamie Hyneman, and the former Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch. Jackson has also done research regarding the California State Legislature’s role in post-secondary education. Outside the Forum, he is an ardent lover of animals and nature. From San Bernardino, California, Jackson is a Berkeley senior pursuing a B.A. in Political Science.

Secretary-Treasurer, Loren Jiang

Loren JiangLoren Jiang is the Berkeley Forum's Secretary-Treasurer, reporting to President Daniel Ahrens. A member of the Forum's executive committee, Loren oversees the Forum's finance, archives, ticketing, and facilities functions. His office is also responsible for acquiring organizational sponsorship and for taking minutes at all Berkeley Forum meetings.

Joining the Forum in Spring 2015, Loren has served as office manager and interim secretary-treasurer during the later part of Fall 2015. In Spring 2016, he was elected as Secretary-Treasurer, being the second person in Forum history to hold the secretary-treasurer position. Outside the Forum, Loren serves as the philanthropy chair of the Chi Phi fraternity and conducts research on bats in the Yartsev lab at UC Berkeley. He is a junior pursuing a B.S. in Bioengineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.