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Teams and Roles

The Berkeley Forum is split up into two major organizational components to ensure maximum efficiency: committees and divisions.

Committees are permanent, year-round, and chaired by one of the Vice Presidents. Divisions are each led by a director. Members are assigned to one standing committee upon acceptance to the Forum, and will work in one or more divisions.

Carter Keeling '17 (left) and Matthew Freeman '17 (right) finalize interview questions before the Rand Paul address.


The Programming Committee plays an essential role in the planning and organization of all Forum events for the following semester. Members of the committee work together to come up with ideas for new events and prospective speakers, invite guests, reserve venues, handle speaker travel and accommodations, and take care of other event logistics. No experience is necessary, but well-read, organized applicants are preferred.

The Events Committee facilitates all debates, talks, and panels hosted by the Berkeley Forum. Members from the Programming Committee transition here after one semester to execute the events they previously planned.

The Communications Committee serves as the marketing, public relations, and data analytics wing of the Berkeley Forum. Each committee member will specialize in one of these three roles while also gaining exposure to and experience in the other three. The marketing team focuses on promoting the Berkeley Forum's events through a variety of social and traditional media and partnerships with other organizations. Members of the public relations team will work together to manage the organization’s brand and graphic standards, share the Forum's work with the world, and keep in contact with the general public and members of the press. The Data Analytics and Ticketing team analyzes the organization’s data to improve efficiency and oversees the ticketing process.

The Finance Committee is responsible for sourcing, budgeting, and planning all financial inflows and outflows of the Forum. Finance members have various responsibilities including conducting all crowdfunding outreach campaigns, negotiating with business and corporate partners, projecting event financials, drafting event grants, and planning future Forum expenditures. The committee has two concentrations: Internal Finance and External Finance. Internal Finance is primarily responsible for managing relations with on-campus departments and past donors along with ensuring funding from the student union. External Finance works to create small business sponsorships and campus organization partnerships while minimizing speaker auxiliary costs. Focused on pursuing independent initiatives with regards to the motto of 'many teams, one Forum,' Finance members strive to maintain financial security and transparency within and for the organization.


Wesley Wu '16 adjusts audio settings during a panel on drones.

All Forum members may join one, two, or all divisions in addition to their committee roles.

Members of the Moderating Division moderate all Forum events. The Division is responsible for providing the necessary platform for the audience to ask questions and interact with the speakers and panelists.

The Technology Division attends to all of the Forum's technical needs. During Forum events, the division is responsible for setting up backstage equipment and monitoring sound/light systems during the speakings. In between events, the division's primary focus switches to managing and maintaining the Forum's website and media content, from videos to podcasts. Coding, video editing, or photography experience is preferred but not required.

The Internal Affairs Division organizes all Berkeley Forum training sessions, socials, and retreats. It also works with the standing committees to recruit new members to the Forum and oversees the Forum's relations with alumni, campus agencies, and administration. Additionally, the Internal Affairs Division works on providing resources such as scholarships and internship opportunities to Forum members.

Many Teams. One Forum.

Each committee and division is vital to the functioning of the forum. These smaller teams not only increase the efficiency of the Forum, but also allow members to become closer to one another. Although the Berkeley Forum is split into different units, our members regularly interact with one another and become great friends outside of the club. We are dedicated to our mission and organizational functionality, but we are also dedicated to providing a top-notch membership experience. While every member is assigned to a committee upon acceptance to the Forum, members may request to switch committee upon the completion of a semester.

Berkeley Forum members take a short break during a photoshoot.

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