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Why Join?

The Berkeley Forum is a community of student scholars who share a common interest in discussing and challenging the big ideas that shape our world. The Forum was founded as a vehicle for discussion, and our diverse events reflect this passion for inquiry and discourse.

The Berkeley Forum provides an unmatched membership experience at UC Berkeley. Our members enjoy lasting camaraderie, an outlet for intelligent conversation, and one of the best leadership training programs offered by a student organization. Our members come from diverse backgrounds and have a wide range of opinions on a multitude of different topics, which creates an amazing space for discussion of these topics.

Mikaela Rear '15 introduces one of the speakers for a panel on drones.

Amazing Opportunities and Resources.

Berkeley Forum members have moderated high-profile events and have spoken to national reporters less than 6 months after stepping foot on campus. Beyond opportunities for personal advancement and organizational growth, our members also have the chance to meet and converse with some of the greatest thinkers of our time. For a number of events from our lineup, our members get the opportunity to sit down over dinner and have extended discussions with our distinguished guests.

Intellectual Community.

We believe that an integral part of a collegiate education is the exposure to a diversity of opinion. That's why we make sure our members can have extended interactions with many different people from many different backgrounds. Our members span a vast range of majors, from Math, to Philosophy, to Business, and everything in between. We hail from several countries and speak more than a dozen different languages. We strive to create a space where differing opinions can create meaningful discussion.


Members regularly participate in socials, retreats, and dinner discussions with their fellow peers. It is a singular opportunity for getting to know other Berkeley students who share similar passions and interest.

Beyond the more practical training aspects of Berkeley Forum membership, there are many fun and educational opportunities available for our members every week. Members may decide to create their own internal projects to develop certain skills through recreational activities. For example, Project Lit is the Berkeley Forum's book club that engages members in discussing important pieces of literature. Other projects include a basic coding course led by the Technology Division called Project Bit, and an exercise program called Project Fit.

These projects not only develop members’ skills, but also lend to greater camaraderie between members. Because of their fun and autonomous nature, the projects are unique as part of a professional student organization.

Beyond the specialized projects, members of the Forum bond through social meetings held every weekend. Planned and organized by the Director of Internal Affairs, the socials bring Forum members together in fun and educational activities. Examples of past socials include karaoke, bowling, nighttime hikes, and movie parties.

Forum members also get the opportunity to attend and participate in a retreat each session, during which the Forum membership spends a weekend away from Berkeley bonding through social activities. The most recent retreat featured skiing and hiking at Lake Tahoe.

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