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An Inside Look

The execution of a Berkeley Forum event may appear flawless, but a lot of hard work has gone into the occasion. Take a look at some of the things that Berkeley Forum members have to do in the months leading up to the jour de fete.

Members start off by writing letters to potential speakers. Here we see Barak Gila '17, Events Manager, brainstorming a possible list of guests. Once the speaker has been finalized, members get to work preparing for the event.

Sergey Mann '17, External Affairs Manager, works on contacting local and national newspapers in preparation for the Rand Paul event.

Matthew Freeman '17, Events Manager, and Byran Yang '16, Secretary and Treasurer, make sure all the logistics are planned out for the upcoming event – the Berkeley Forum uses a template where every event is mapped out in great detail, to minimize any problems that might arise.

Pierre Bourbonnais '15, President, and Natasha Kafai '15, Vice-President of Programming, order supplies from Amazon in preparation for tabling on Sproul to advertise the event.

Valerie Law '16, Development Manager, smiles as she promotes the Lawrence Lessig: Corrupting the Vote event.

Byran '16 and Erinn Wong '16, Vice-President of Communications, help publicize the Berkeley Forum.

The actual day of the event is often hectic behind the scenes, as members all have individual responsibilities. A well-oiled machine is the key to the success of our events. Here, Carter Keeling '17, Head Moderator, finalizes interview questions with Matthew '17.

Sergey '17 films a speaker panel on drones – the Berkeley Forum uses two cameras to film our events, and two cameras to take high-quality pictures during the event.

Wesley Wu '16, Director of Technology, adjusts the settings on our professional-grade sound system.

Carter '17 watches as one of our esteemed speakers signs a poster from the event – these will be framed in our office.

Elizabeth Kirk '15 and Byran '16 talk final event logistics as attendees start to arrive.

Ryan Goh '17 and Nikos Zarikos '17 take a quick break from registration to pose for a photo.

One of the perks of being part of the Berkeley Forum, Pierre '15 shakes hands with Senator Rand Paul.

As the event is about to start, Mikaela Rear '15 introduces one of our distinguished speakers on our panel on drones.

Pierre '15 and Natasha '15 talk to members of our panel on the national debt crisis.

At the end of the event, our executive team poses with David Chase, creator of the critically-acclaimed TV show The Sopranos. Later, the Berkeley Forum would treat Mr. Chase and his wife to dinner at a local Berkeley culinary institution.

Berkeley Forum members also know how to relax after a successful event. The Spring 2014 retreat was at Lake Tahoe, and Erinn '16 and Valerie '16 pose in front of the picturesque landscape.

Natasha '15 and Erinn '16 snap a ski selfie as members hit the Tahoe slopes.

Matthew '17 and Nicole '16 take a short break from skiing and snowboarding to model for a photo.

Allan Peng '16, Matthew '17, and Sergey '17 all knocked out on the ride back, tired from all the fun.

Besides organized retreats, the Berkeley Forum also builds lifelong friendships. Pierre '15, Wesley '16, Matthew '17, and Carter '17 are enjoying an impromptu sweet late-night treat.

One way we get members to become is by having them participate in one of our team-building activities after our beginning-of-the-year photoshoot.

At our end-of-the-semester banquet, members celebrate another successful Berkeley Forum session with awards and games.