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Berkeley Forum Announces Two
Addresses for November

BERKELEY, California―October 25, 2014―The Berkeley Forum today announced two new additions to its Fall 2014 Session, an address by the current Mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, and an address by the Vice President for Global Partnerships of Kiva Microfunds, Giovanna Masci.

Join UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty for an address by Oakland Mayor Jean Quan on the role of local government in preserving social justice. After the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, many doubts on the fairness and effectiveness of local government have arisen. In her address, Mayor Quan will share some of the initiatives she undertook to reduce crime, elevate economic opportunity for low-income families, and increase outcomes for youth of color in Oakland. Based on collaborations with urban cities across the country that are facing similar challenges, she will discuss her grassroots approach to making local government more effective in meeting the needs of diverse communities. 

"While our object at the Forum has always been to attract interesting speakers from all fields, we have in recent sessions been fortunate to play host to a number of prominent political figures. Democratic discourse is a cornerstone of any college experience and this is especially true at a university with a history of political activity as rich and extensive as Berkeley's. Events such as these serve to reaffirm the commitment we have made to our undergraduate community. We are excited to have Mayor Jean Quan join us and look forward to drawing a diverse roster of politicians in sessions to come," said Pierre Bourbonnais, the president of the Berkeley Forum.

The address will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at 3 p.m. in 112 Wurster Auditorium. More information about the event and admission may be found on the official event page.

The address by Giovanna Masci will focus on Kiva Microfunds, a non-profit formed in 2005. As entrepreneurs and students across the globe are confronted with poverty, restricted access to reliable banks has prevented them from obtaining financial assistance. Kiva Microfunds seeks to mitigate this issue through online microlending and increased global awareness. Giovanna Masci will draw on her expertise in building global partnerships to describe Kiva's business model, as well as how Kiva seeks to improve people's access to finance across the world. 

"The internet has revolutionized so many industries with its ability to provide open and instant communication. Kiva Microfunds is an excellent example of how an organization utilizing and taking full advantage of this technology can fulfill its mission and benefit the global community. We are delighted to have Kiva Microfunds Vice President Giovanna Masci and are excited to hear what she has to say," said Pierre Bourbonnais.

The address will be held on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6 p.m. in 112 Wurster Auditorium. More information about the event and admission may be found on the official event page.

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